diy black pleated skirt with colorful scarf worn as top
Posing in my DIY black pleated skirt paired with a colorful scarf worn as a top

I’m supposed to be making a red jacket and pants suit outfit (since last year!) but I’m still struggling with it, so I decided to make myself a black pleated skirt in the meantime.

the black skirt with burgundy top
Posing in my DIY black pleated skirt paired with a burgundy Forever21 blouse

This is not the best ever made black pleated skirt, but it’s also not the worst. I like the idea of it even if the execution would need to be much improved for it to be outdoors wearable. I made it entirely from my head, which is interesting to me. I guess making clothes straight from your head is easier than making clothes from a pattern?

I even managed to get a zip and buttons put in, although I’m sure I didn’t do it exactly right. But it zips and buttons so I’ll take it.

black pleated skirt zipper and button fastening

As for the red jacket and pants suit…

I am still trying to work on the jacket. I’ve sewn up the front sections and the back sections and I’m now working on the sleeves. This is supposed to be an easy pattern but I guess they mean easy for someone who at least knows something about sewing from a pattern, which I don’t. But luckily my mother was able to help me understand enough to get to the point where I can actually see a jacket beginning to take shape. Still don’t know if I will actually manage to get it done, because the steps ahead seem even more complicated than the ones it took me all this time to conquer. And it turns out the thing is going to have to be lined after all. So I’m not looking forward to trying to figure out how to even start with the lining part. But I’ll buy some lining fabric with the intention of actually getting to that point and making the attempt.

In the meantime I’ll probably try to make something else. It was fun making this skirt.


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