I have used my Chanel nail polish so I guess I’m now officially a fool.

I spent $27 on a bottle of #nailpolish I didn’t need…

But I’m not going to beat myself up. To be completely honest, I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything necessarily foolish. Do I think the nail polish is so super spectacularly amazing that it makes sense it costs $27? No–not really; but it is a nice nail polish. Have I used cheaper nail polish that looked just as good? I don’t know that I can say “just as good”; but certainly decent enough by comparison that if I was trying to be frugal in my spending decisions, it would make more sense to buy the cheaper nail polish than to spend the $27 on a Chanel nail polish.

However, if it wasn’t critical that I save $20, I would certainly opt for the Chanel nail polish over the $7 nail polish. And this is coming from someone who previously would have considered $7 to be a bit much to spend on a nail polish.

The Chanel nail polish is obviously better than my usual cheap nail polishes. So if I could afford to buy the better nail polish why would I choose to buy the not better but good enough for the job just because I was of the opinion that the better nail polish was overpriced? Why buy the adequate product just to stand on principle against the significantly higher price of the better product?

chanel le vernis nail color coquelicot chanel red nail polish

So do I feel special now that I’ve had the experience of putting Chanel nail polish on my finger nails?

Should I feel special? It’s just nail polish. It looks nice on my fingers; but I’m not much of a nail polish person. I generally do not paint my fingernails. So it’s hard for me to get genuinely excited over a nail polish. When I do paint my fingernails, I have a habit of scraping off the nail polish as I go through the day and this was no exception. Within hours after the first application I had scraped it all off. I’m trying my best not to scrape off this second application so I can monitor how long it stays put etc. But for sure, I’m not silly enough to think this nail polish is anything more than just a bottle of nail polish. I’m not looking at my fingers and going “OMG I’m wearing Chanel nail polish!“.

My overall impression of the Chanel nail polish

  • It’s nice and bright and glossy
  • It goes on easily enough although I did have remove and re-apply on some of my fingernails. But that could just because I’m not the most skilled at putting polish on my nails.
  • It’s dries fairly quickly but it probably doesn’t dry quickly enough for a certified clutz (I tend to forget I’m wearing nail polish pretty soon after I apply it. So if the nail polish doesn’t dry completely in less than a minute, I’m likely to stick my fingers somewhere and cause it to get scraped and otherwise messed up. This dried quickly but not quickly enough to prevent me scraping some off my index finger while peeling a cucumber and some off my thumb and pinky while doing other things.)
  • Once dry it seems to withstand domestic activities that usually cause my cheaper nail polishes to chip
  • It was still glossy after 24 hours

Would I buy another Chanel nail polish for $27?

Why not? If I want another Chanel nail polish and I have the $27 to afford it, then yes,  I would buy another Chanel nail polish.

I thought I would feel like an idiot once I used the nail polish for the first time. I would realize that I was stupid to have paid what amounts to $30 for a Chanel nail polish when I could have gotten another brand of equal or even better quality for less. But I don’t feel the outrage and self disgust I thought I would feel. What’s the big deal after all? It’s not as if I spent $100 on the nail polish. Now that would have been arguably irresponsible and insane. For $100 a nail polish had better do something pretty damn amazing and life changing. For $27 it’s okay that all it does is it makes my fingernails shinier and glossier than my cheaper nail polishes.

So yes, I would and probably will buy another Chanel nail polish. I can’t see any reason not to have a few nicer nail polishes to choose from on those days when I bother to paint my nails.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Coquelicot
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