• What are the rules for wearing tops that show your stomach
  • Can you wear tops that show your stomach if your stomach isn’t flat?
  • Why do women wear tops that show their stomach anyway?

Wearing tops that show your stomach – the rules…

We don’t know that there are there rules for wearing tops that show your stomach? But there are certainly plenty of tips that you can find around the Internet. And in a way tips are guidelines for what to do and what not to do so you can view them as rules. We’ve said a million times already that we don’t care much for fashion rules. But we do think that whatever you choose to wear, you should make sure that you will not be uncomfortable or self conscious wearing it.

Last year allure.com ran a feature titled “11 Things You Need to Do Before You Wear a Crop Top“. The article was authored by associate editor Lexi Novak. In the article Lexi listed these 5 things among the 11 things you need to do before you wear a cropped top

  1. Give yourself some breathing room
  2. Prep your skin
  3. Stand up straight
  4. Loosen up your hair
  5. Relax

She assures readers that they don’t need Gwen Stefani’s abs to wear a crop top (the article). But even if you don’t need rock hard abs to wear a crop top, do you still need a flat stomach even if it’s a soft stomach?

Can you get away with wearing tops that show your stomach if your stomach isn’t flat?

Girl wearing crop top denim shorts
Image via Pixabay.com

We think this all depends on you and how comfortable you are in your body. A woman who is comfortable in her body and who has a lot of self confidence can wear just about anything no matter her body type.

When she was pregnant at the start of 2014, the very glamorous and beautiful Kerry Washington wore a crop top with a high-waisted skirt to attend the SAG Awards. Some people liked the look some people didn’t. We thought she looked fabulous. But we don’t know if a regular gal could get away with wearing a crop top to show off a baby bump or a stomach that looks like it’s carrying a baby in it even if it’s not. At least she wouldn’t be able to avoid the raised eyebrows and the looks of disbelief. But like we said, if she’s comfortable and if she’s very confident, she’ll sashay right past her gawkers, and they won’t have any choice but to get back to minding their own business.

But why do women wear tops that show their stomach in the first place?

We’d love to hear from you what your opinion is on this subject? Some people say it’s because they want to show off their fit, flat tummies. But there are plenty enough women who don’t have particularly fit or flat tummies who wear crop tops. Crop top styles date pretty far back. And crop tops were usually worn to show off a woman’s curves and to heighten her attractiveness and sex appeal. These days we think it’s more just for the style than for a woman to show off her fitness or for her to advertise her curves. For some women, yes it’s about advertising their curves. We can think of one woman in particular who favors crop tops for this reason but we won’t name her.

Want some ideas for how to wear a crop top? Check out elle.com’s article “10 Ways To Wear A Crop Top“. Our favorites are #s 1, 2, 4 and 5. (the article)

Our crop top shopping list

 Vika Gazinskaya flounce cropped top
Image via Farfetch.com

Black wool flounce cropped top from Vika Gazinskaya featuring spaghetti shoulder straps. Comes with a $2,145 price tag.

 Moschino tie front cropped shirt

 Moschino tie front cropped shirt
Image via Farfetch.com

Yellow cotton tie front cropped shirt from Moschino featuring a notched collar, long sleeves and button cuffs. Comes with a $541.61 price tag.

House of Holland red lace top

House of Holland red lace top
Image via Farfetch.com

Henry Holland’s ruby red paisley lace top features pastel pink flower appliqué and a scalloped hem. Comes with a $371 price tag.

3.1 Phillip Lim cropped perforated tank top

3.1 Phillip Lim cropped perforated tank top
Image via Farfetch.com

White cotton cropped tank top from 3.1 Phillip Lim featuring a square neck, a sleeveless design, a back zip fastening, decorative crochet perforations and a straight hem. Comes with a $350 price tag.

Like these tops? Want to buy one or more? Or want to check for more crop top options?

Shop crop tops at Farfetch.com

Over 34? You shouldn’t be wearing tops that show your stomach…

Apparently some people had some time on their hands back in 2013 and they used it to do a research to find out at what age should women stop showing their stomachs (even if they’ve got major impressive abs).

This is according to the Daily Mail website:

Showcasing a bare midriff may be one of this year’s hottest trends, but apparently crop tops come with an age limit.  Women should ditch belly-baring tops by the age of 34 and avoid showing off midriffs in bikinis as soon as they reach 40, a new study has suggested. (source)

So if you’re over 34 better put your crop tops in a box and go donate them to the younger girls who need them! We’re not being serious. If you’re 60 and you want to bare your stomach by wearing a crop top (or a bikini for that matter) do what you want to do. If people have a problem with it, that’s their problem. Let them deal with it.



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