What’s so hot about designer dresses?

Simone Rocha Runway Embroidered tulle dress
Valentino sage green Valentino Floor-length silk dress
Image via mytheresa.com Instagram

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Rich girls have nicer clothes than we do. Some affordable brands occasionally produce cute items; but for the most part we get to choose from mediocre to inferior.

Valentino Floor-length silk dress

Valentino sage green Floor-length silk dress

This sage green Valentino floor length silk dress comes with a $6,290 price tag. For some ladies $6,290 this is nothing. For others coming up with that amount of money wouldn’t be possible if they needed it as a matter of life and death.

But what’s so hot about the dress?

Well come on…

The dress is elegant and luxurious. The outside material is 100% silk. The inside material is 91% silk and 9% elastane. The draped and flowing style spells effortless and easy glamor.

From mytheresa.com – Swathe yourself in glamour, courtesy of this floor-length stunner from Valentino. From the delicious shade of green to the elegant drapery and minimal seams, everything about this dress spells out luxury. We love the cape-style sleeve and asymmetric design. It’s perfect with just a dainty bag and gold-tone gladiator sandals.

Okay but does that make designer dresses worth their exorbitant price tags?

Are designer dresses made with more care and concern than dresses made for the less fortunate shopper? We can only answer that question with opinion. To us there does seem to be more effort made to produce styles that reflect positively on the designer brand than the effort made when it comes to producing clothing for those of us who have to bargain hunt.

When it comes to designer dresses, there is little likelihood you’ll have the problem of being unable to find anything you like. Far from that your difficulty will be finding too many things you want and having to narrow your choices down.

Simone Rocha Embroidered tulle dress

Simone Rocha Runway Embroidered tulle dress

This embroidered tulle dress from Simone Rocha comes with a $2,490 price tag. It’s a gorgeous dress. You’re unlikely to find something similar that won’t cost you a pretty penny. The reality of the matter is that if you want nice things you’re going to have to pay money to get nice things. When it comes to fashion the best things are not free or cheap. We could argue all day that designer dresses are overpriced but that’s not going to change anything. At least the high end designers try to make their designer dresses stand out. They don’t just grab a piece of cloth and fashion a dress out of it and throw it you and say take it or leave it. They create things that, even if you can’t afford them, you definitely want them.

Erdem Lamara floor-length printed silk dress
Image via mytheresa.com Instagram

From mytheresa.com – Yet another stunner from Erdem’s floral-printed Resort ’15 collection – and we’re smitten. The delicate chiffon is adorned with an elegant all-over print, as is the lining layer for maximum flower power at its most sophisticated. Note the flattering sleeve length and optional waistbelt for a nipped-in silhouette.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think designer dresses are overpriced?

What is the most you’re willing to spend on a dress?

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