We’ve just seen the full Rihanna Dior Versailles video. To be quite honest we’re not sure what we’re supposed to make of it.

We’re sure Rihanna is very proud of this film and she should be. We get where she’s coming from when she talks about what a big deal it is for her culture.

Caribbean girls don’t typically get to experience the life Rihanna has been fortunate to experience. This is probably a bigger deal for Rihanna being a Caribbean girl than it’s a big deal for her being “black”.  And we’re absolutely thrilled for her.

But we have to admit, we’re confused as to what we’re supposed to get from the Rihanna Dior film.

Aside from the fact that Rihanna is beautiful and sexy, what’s the story? Is there a story or is it just supposed to a video shoot of Rihanna in the Palace of Versailles?

The video shows Rihanna ascending some stairs in the palace. It’s dark. She gets to the top of the stairs. She looks all grim and glam if one can look grim and glam at the same time.

She’s next seen sashaying down the Hall of Mirrors in a sparkly dress.

Galerie des Glaces Hall of Mirror in the Palace of Versaille Versailles France
Chateau Versailles Galerie des Glaces” by Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

And again in the hall of mirrors this time running in a beautiful red gown.

At various times she’s seen posing in different rooms of the palace and running in the palace gardens. It’s all very glam and dramatic. The gowns and bags and jewelry look beautiful, although you can’t really see them in all their glory with the nighttime lighting.

But the music seems to be telling of horror. And the scenes where the lights are suddenly going off… Are we supposed to feel afraid? What’s going to be happening to this glamorous beauty on this night at the Palace of Versailles? Is she going to be getting murdered? Because that is what the music conveys to us. That something fatalistic is going to happen. Either the woman will meet her death or she herself will be doing some killing. She does seem quite dark and mysterious as if she might be a vampire or other such blood-thirsty creature disguised as a beautiful woman.

But we’re probably over analyzing.

We do envy Rihanna getting to wear all those beautiful dresses and strut her stuff through the Palace of Versailles. If only for a night…

Rihanna Dior Secret Garden IV

Rihanna Dior Secret Garden

What did you think of the Rihanna Dior film?


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