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Stella McCartney Printed Silk Trousers


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Stella McCartney Printed Silk Trousers

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That night she came in wearing a pair of red and white printed silk trousers with a white silk blouse. At least the blouse and the pants looked like silk from where I was standing. I like to think I have a good eye for fabrics. Anyway, she looked like she was wearing at least five thousand dollars worth of apparel. Her Chanel bag alone was easily three grand. I remember thinking to myself that I really liked her outfit, especially the printed silk trousers. I wondered if she had styled herself or if she had a stylist. Whoever she was, she clearly had enough money that she probably had a stylist. But just because she had enough money to have a stylist didn’t mean she actually had one. And for a moment I allowed myself to imagine going up to her and starting up a conversation about fashion and how I had graduated from Pratt. And she was impressed and said she was looking for a stylist and asked me if I wanted a job. Of course that would have been a lie, that I had graduated from Pratt. I had wanted to go to Pratt. I used to live right around the corner from Pratt and I had planned to go there; but things had not worked out the way I had planned them.

In my imaginings I went up to her and told her how nice she looked.

“I love your outfit,” I said to her. “You dress so well. That’s the perfect blouse to go with red and white printed silk trousers.”

“Thank you,” she said to me with a gracious smile. She told me to sit down, and I started to say that I couldn’t because I was on the clock and the boss would fire me. But she insisted.

“The boss won’t fire you,” she said. “Sit down. Tell me about yourself.”

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Red and white printed silk trousers By Stella McCartney

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