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Givenchy Wool Coat With Fur Trim


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Your wool coat is black and keeps you warm. It’s your sun. It’s your fire. It’s Givenchy. You are a queen in your black fur-trimmed Givenchy wool coat. You are the queen of wherever you are. Go reign.

Givenchy Wool Coat With Fur Trim
Givenchy Wool Coat With Fur Trim

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Black wool coat with fur trim By Givenchy

PRICE: $4990.00 – via mytheresa.comOut of Stock

He had been very inattentive to her at the party. That would have been hurtful by itself, but to make matters worse, he had spent a great deal of time talking and laughing it up with Gabrielle.

When it was time to leave she collected her black fur-trimmed Givenchy wool coat from the cloakroom and walked out of the party house ahead of him.

He seemed taken aback when he caught up with her at the car.

“Is everything alright?”

She looked up at him. He had a look of confusion on his face, as if he really had no clue whatsoever what could be wrong with her. It was not that his feigned cluelessness was anything new, but she was stunned by it nonetheless. However, she knew there was no point in trying to talk to him. He would just tell her she was being paranoid and ridiculous and jealous for no reason. So she just drew the wool coat about her thin frame and shook her head from side to side.

As always that was enough to satisfy him. He didn’t press, even though he knew fully well that everything was not alright. He didn’t honestly care one way or another, she was sure of it. And she didn’t want to be hurt by his indifference. She didn’t want to care.

When they got into the car she moved all the way over to the other door. He cast a glance at her but said nothing. Usually she would sit closer to him, and only when she was upset would she move all the way over to the other door. So he knew for sure that she was upset, but he clearly didn’t care, because all he did was just took off his own wool coat, put it on the seat between them, took out his cellphone and started returning missed calls.


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