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Givenchy Pant Suede Wedge Boots


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Givenchy Pant Suede Wedge Boots
Givenchy Pant Suede Wedge Boots

(Givenchy Pant Suede Wedge Boots: Item is out of stock) Call me Padegebo. I know. It’s not really a name. I made it up just now. I took the first two letters of the word Pants, the last two of the words Suede and wedge and the first two of the word boots, and I put them together to create the name Padegebo. And since I came up with the name, I can come up with a meaning for the name as well. So my name “Padegebo” means, Pant suede wedge boots, which is what I am. I am a pair of pant suede wedge boots. I hail from the fashion house of Givenchy. So you know, I’m high fashion and all that. I’m for special ladies, which is to say, I’m for any lady who desires to have me. Because every lady is a special lady.

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Pant Navy Suede Wedge Boots By Givenchy

PRICE: $2125.00 – via mytheresa.comBuy It!

You might be wondering, what are pant suede wedge boots. Well, basically I’m a pair of suede boots with wedge heels and a pants leg look to my design.

I come with a $2,125 price tag, which might seem a bit much, but I assure you, I’m worth every penny of it, and you yourself are worth a millon times more than that. You deserve to be able to afford me, and if you can’t afford me, you should consider it a travesty of economic justice. What does that even mean anyway? I just thought it up. It sounded smart; but I’m not sure it even makes any sense. What do you think of my sentence below using the phrase travesty of economic justice?

It is a travesty of economic justice that some women can afford to buy ten pairs of Givenchy Pant Suede Wedge Boots in one shopping expedition while others have to save up for years to be able to buy just one pair.

But you didn’t come here for a lesson on how to write a sentence using the phrase travesty of economic justice. You came here looking for wedge boots, probably. Or maybe you came looking for pant boots? Or maybe suede boots?

Whichever one, you have found in me a pair of boots that meet all three criteria. I am a pair of pant boots. I am made of suede and I have wedge heels.

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