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Balenciaga Printed Wool And Silk-blend Scarf


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Balenciaga Wool And silk print scarf
Balenciaga Wool And Silk print scarf

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She walked into the cafe dressed in a lace skirt worn with a beige top under a camel hair blazer. Her outfit was accessorized with a silk print scarf and a brown tote bag. She had been coming to the cafe every Monday and Wednesday night for about a month and I still didn’t know her name. I didn’t know her name because I hadn’t been able to work up the nerve to ask her. And aside from that, it just wasn’t an appropriate thing to do. I was an employee there doing my job. Chit-chatting with a customer while taking her order, even if just to ask her name, was not permitted. It would have been one thing if she had engaged me in conversation, allowing for an opportunity to ask her name. But, while she was never necessarily unfriendly, she always had an air about her that suggested she wasn’t there to chitchat with her waiter. That night was no exception.

As usual I couldn’t help noticing all the details of her outfit. I think probably that was what fascinated me so much about her. She had amazing style. And it seemed from the fact that she hardly ever wore the same thing twice, that she had a lot of clothes. And it was all obviously very expensive. I imagined that even the silk print scarf she was wearing cost nothing less than five hundred dollars. I figured it was probably an Alexander McQueen or Balenciaga or some similar label where the price for a silk print scarf was way up there.

That night I wondered who she was and why she had chosen this particular cafe to be her regular spot. I probably wondered the same thing every time she came to the cafe. She had to be somebody important to have the kind of money she clearly had; but the cafe wasn’t a hotspot for the rich and famous. And anybody with her kind of money had to know which cafes and restaurants were the ones where the rich and famous hung out. So she clearly had chosen this cafe with the intention of remaining obscure. But then, why dress so obviously rich? I was really getting to the point where my curiosity about her was becoming a little obsessive.

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Pink and white wool and silk print scarf By Balenciaga

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