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Balenciaga Glove Leather Wedges


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Balenciaga Glove Leather Wedges - black shoes
Balenciaga Glove Leather Wedges

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That Monday night she showed up at the cafe with two other girls. I don’t know why, but I felt very jealous of them because they were getting to sit at her table with her. As usual she was dressed very stylishly. She was wearing a short black pleated skirt with a fancy denim top and black leather wedges. I actually recognized that she was wearing a pair of Balenciaga Glove leather wedges because I used to have a few pairs on my designer shoes wishlist. Usually when she came to the cafe she spent her time reading, but that night she was talking it up and laughing with her two friends. And she didn’t have her usual tea with a slice of our chocolate decadence cake. She had a meal of salmon with couscous, and she had a couple of ginger martinis.

There was something about seeing her so animated and social that I didn’t like. I think because I had convinced myself that she was like me. I had assumed she was a loner who preferred her own company to the company of other people. But she was the most talky of the three women. When there was laughter, she was doing it the hardest. And her voice sounded very different from when she would speak to me when I took her order and served her on those occasions when she was by herself.

At one point I realized how intently I was studying her every movement. The way she tilted her head, the way she crossed her legs and uncrossed them. The Balenciaga glove leather wedges looked really nice on her feet. I tried to guess the size of her feet and figured they were about a seven and a half or an eight. I wondered if her shoes would fit my feet. I mostly wore eight and a half but sometimes I could get my feet into seven and seven and half sizes. I knew I couldn’t fit her clothes. I wore a size eight. She didn’t look more than a size two; but she wasn’t the sickly kind of size two. She looked very healthy even though she was very small. And I knew she wasn’t one of those skinny girls who didn’t eat because she’d been coming to the cafe twice a week for a while and she almost always had the chocolate decadence cake which was five hundred calories per slice.

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Black and white leather wedges By Balenciaga

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