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Alice + Olivia Davis boucle a-line skirt
Alice + Olivia Davis Boucle a-line Skirt

That Monday night she came to the cafe dressed rather strangely. Her outfit was cute but it just didn’t seem right for her. I’m not usually one to put an age on a way of dressing. I’ve always hated hearing people tell other people to dress their age. In my opinion people should dress however they want to dress; but I can usually tell when someone is dressing a certain way because they’re trying to prove something or make some kind of point. And that was the impression I got when she walked into the cafe wearing a short boucle a-line skirt with a white shirt under a cropped sweater with sneakers and a brown shoulder bag. I didn’t really know her age. Sometimes she looked like she was twenty-something. Sometimes she looked early thirties. I figured she was between twenty-five and thirty-two. In that outfit with the boucle a-line skirt, she looked like she was about fifteen.

There was something about her that night that was just off. For one thing, she only had some tea. She didn’t have any cake or anything else to eat. And she seemed very distracted, like she couldn’t keep her attention on the book she was reading. She also looked a little down, as if something had happened to upset her.

While I was taking her order she barely looked up when she said “just a cup of orange green tea”, and her voice sounded very sad. I wanted to ask if she was okay, but I didn’t think it would be appropriate. I thought maybe if I said something like, “that’s a cute skirt you’re wearing,” it might distract her from whatever was bothering her. But I figured that wouldn’t be appropriate either. So I just walked away and went to get her tea.

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Black and white Davis Alice + Olivia Boucle a-line skirt

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