Back in late September of this year I made myself a red satin dress. I don’t think it came out badly considering my sewing skills are still basically beginner level and I don’t know anything about fashion design. It took me 2 days to make it. And as with most everything I do, it was a case of taking fabric in hand and working it into whatever came of it once I was done. I enjoyed making it and I’ve had fun taking pictures wearing it. And that’s the point of it all for me. I made the dress because I wanted to take some pictures in a long red satin dress but I didn’t have such a dress and I couldn’t find any that I could afford so I decided to try and make my own. Admittedly it’s not the best red satin dress ever made; but I can always try again to make another one. For my first DIY red satin dress, I’ll regard this a success. I like the design that I ended up with. It has some technical issues with the sleeve and neck parts, but the idea of it has potential. I do wish I had made a dress with sleeves since I hate baring my arms; but I wasn’t confident I would be able to put in sleeves. So far with all of my completed sewing projects I haven’t done anything with sleeves, but maybe I’ll attempt a long sleeved blouse or something next.

Here are some pictures I took on Saturday wearing my red satin dress.

Posing in my red satin dress Saturday November 19th 2016

I also made a turquoise blue satin dress. Originally my intention was to make a red and blue satin dress, so I purchased red and blue satin fabric. But I didn’t like how the combination looked once I had the fabric in my hands. So I made two satin dresses instead, one red and the other turquoise blue. I’ll try to do a post featuring the turquoise blue some time next week.

Next I want to try to make a royal blue gown and a yellow gown. Hopefully I can get started on that soon.

You can see some of the things I’ve made in the last few months on my Instagram (@monicacubed).


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