Do you have any jumpsuits and rompers in your closet? Jumpsuits and rompers have been a thing for a minute; but some ladies are still shying away from the trend for one reason or another. Maybe you tried a jumpsuit or romper and it wasn’t flattering on you; but not all jumpsuits and rompers are the same. Styles vary. So just because one style wasn’t flattering on you doesn’t mean you have to avoid all jumpsuits and rompers.denim jumpsuit Lets talk jumpsuits and rompers full

Jumpsuit originally referred to the functional one-piece garments used by parachuters/skydivers, but has come to be used as a common term for any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs. Via Wikipedia

Love Shack Fancy Vintage Lace RomperLove Shack Fancy white Vintage Lace Romper

This is not going to be a romper that will work for every body. And we think perhaps you should think twice if you’re planning to wear this romper anywhere other than on the beach or to the pool as a cover-up. You probably don’t want to throw this over your bra and panties and head out for a park stroll or a stroll through the aisles of a grocery store.

It wouldn’t shock us to see certain celebrities wearing this romper over underwear with some stilettos heels.

But the rest of us can’t usually get away with some of the things with which we allow celebrities to get away. Things work differently on real world streets than they do in Hollywood.

This romper is very reasonably priced at $345.

Street Style Intermission

Blogger Stephanie Liu wearing a white romper
Image via – Stephanie Liu from the blog Honey & Silk wearing a white romper.

Harvey Faircloth Wide-Leg Overalls

Harvey Faircloth Wide-Leg OverallsThis jumper is cute. We love the idea of wearing it with black stiletto pumps and accessorizing with a bright red clutch. The jumper is made of 100% wool in some parts, 100% silk in other parts. It’s lined with 100% polyester. It’s from Harvey Faircloth. It looks like a jumper that could be flattering on most body types.

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Sarah B blogger from Asker Norway wearing black jumpsuit
Image via – Sarah B blogger from Asker Norway wearing black jumpsuit –

Can you wear jumpsuits and rompers?

Some people think that jumpsuits and rompers should only be worn by women with a certain body type. The fact is any woman of any size can look good or bad in a jumpsuit or romper depending on the style she chooses and how it flatters or does not flatter her figure. And whether someone looks good or doesn’t look good isn’t a matter of science. It’s a matter of opinion.

Saloni Dahlia Printed Jumpsuit


Saloni Dahlia Printed JumpsuitWe love the print of this Saloni jumpsuit. The blend of colors is gorgeous. Pops of bright red, with pops of bright blue interspersed with yellow and green on a cream white backdrop. We also love the style of jumpsuit and would definitely add it to our wardrobe if we could. The price tag isn’t all that outrageous at $600. But it’s still a bit much for the purchase of a single item of clothing for us at this time. There are other things we need more than clothes at the moment.

Apparently the brand Saloni is favored by First Lady Michelle Obama…

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HM colorful strapless jumpsuit
Image via – Colorful Jumpsuit

Oscar de la Renta Wool-Crepe Romper

Oscar de la Renta Wool-Crepe RomperThis coral red Oscar de la Renta romper is made of 100% wool with a 100% silk lining. It’s a nice and simple style that shows how elegance is possible without need for a lot of fussy additions. We love the vibrant color of this romper and the simplicity of the style. We’d definitely buy it if we could afford the $2,190 price tag.

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 Meliana Chen Indonesia wearing red romper
Image via – Meliana Chen from the blog // wearing red romper


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