This Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector review is based on my trial of the product. I paid for the product with my own money.

The first time I heard about Lancome Visionnaire I was desperate to try the line. I was just beginning to see irrefutable signs of aging in my face and I wanted to halt them in their tracks. Lancome promised that their Visionnaire products could fix all signs of aging. And based on the product write up and lancome visionnaire review claims I’d read, I figured their anti-aging products were exactly what I needed. But I didn’t have money to afford such  expensive anti-aging products. So I settled for a concoction I put together with Shea butter and cocoa butter. The concoction did work wonders by the way.

Advance a few years and I finally managed to get my hands on a bottle of Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin corrector. I purchased a bottle from Macy’s back in August 2016. It cost me $79. I was very excited to finally be able to try it out; but I have to admit that I was very disappointed with my Lancome Visionnaire experience.

My Lancome Visionnaire Review

I don’t know if Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector does any of the things it claims because my $79 bottle of Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector did not last me long enough for me to be able to tell if it does anything for real. I wasn’t using the product every day because I had a lot of other products that I was alternating between. The Lancome Visionnaire, because it was so expensive, was being used sparingly. So you can imagine my shock and disappointment when, one morning I went to use it and I could not get anything out of the bottle. I was flabbergasted. I could not make sense of what was going on. How was it possible that I could be out of the product already? It simply wasn’t possible. The bottle wasn’t tiny enough to make sense of what seemed to be the case–that it was empty already.

I figured there had to be some type of glitch with the bottle, but no matter what I did to try to get more product to come out, nothing came out. The bottle was empty.

I guess I should have realized that, despite the impressive size of the container, 1FL OZ of product meant that the container was way bigger than it needed to be…

And just because it was big didn’t mean it contained a lot of product. In reality, most of it was just the container. And I have to admit, I find it rather dishonest that Lancome makes the container look quite so big and impressive when the amount of product it contains is next to nothing. But I guess if they had put it in a suitably sized container, they would not have gotten $79 from someone like myself who has to weigh all those factors when deciding what products to try. I definitely would not have bought it had it been in a container that was half the size. Not for $79.

lancome visionnaire review bottle size comparison

This is how the bottle matches up against a 16.9 FL OZ water bottle. For that size I expected it to last me a little while, especially given that I was not using it every day and used only a small amount when I did use it.

So does Lancome Visionnaire do any of what it promises?

Lancome Visionnaire promises the following:

Visionnaire [LR 2412 4% – Cx] is a second generation serum with the Double Jasmonate Complex and new smoothing ingredients that correct wrinkles, pores and skin texture in real time, and over time.

In one application: skin feels smoother and softer.*
In three days: skin texture is refined and pores are less visible.*
In four weeks: wrinkles, pores and skin texture are visibly corrected.*
Women see it. Clinical tests prove It.*
75% of Women see visible skin transformation.**
*Based upon a clinical test. 108 women – 4 weeks.
**Based on consumer evaluations of all subjects tested at 4 weeks.


Whether or not Lancome does any of what it promises, I have no idea. My container did not last long enough for me to find out. And I certainly wasn’t going to buy another bottle to complete my testing. I was frankly disgusted and felt like I had been tricked and fooled.


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