Four dresses from Hayden Panettiere’s closet

    Hayden Panettiere holding up her Stella McCartney dress

    Hayden Panettiere closet

    Just found a link to a virtual tour of Hayden Panettiere’s closet. I’m taking the tour now.

    This is the first I’ve heard Hayden Panettiere speak. I would never have guessed she had such a raspy voice.

    Assuming the closet shown is actually her real closet” it would seem Hayden Panettiere is quite modest as far as not needing a closet the size of a house filled with more things than she could ever use in a lifetime. Doesn’t look like she has 3000 pairs of shoes like some other famous ladies. Of course since this is all being done as part of Hayden’s gig as the new face of Cotton Inc and in connection with a “The Fabric of our Lives” commercial it’s entirely possible this is not in reality Hayden’s closet. She may well have 5000 pairs of shoes in her real closet. Who knows?

    The first thing I clicked on in Hayden’s virtual “The Fabric of our Lives” closet was a little red dress. The dress is from Valentino.

    Hayden Panettiere wearing RED Valentino Cotton Wave-Knit Dress

    Hayden Panettiere wearing  Red Valentino Cotton Wave-Knit Dress

    The Red Valentino Cotton Wave-Knit Dress is a cute little dress and Hayden looks great in it. It’s described as a “sleeveless sheath with a flattering full skirt”. It’s available via and appears to come with a $595 price tag.

    What Hayden says about the dress:

    “This is the best little date night outfit. I love love love the color red. It’s comfortable. You can dress it up. It’s feminine. It’s classy. There’s no rules that say that you have to wear plunging necklines and tiny skirts out all the time. And the back is amazing because the pleats give you a great backside.”

    The second item I clicked was a Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress. Dolce & Gabbana strapless floral print mini dress is available via for $771.06

    Dolce Gabbana strapless floral print mini dressHayden Panettiere holding up her Dolce Gabbana floral cocktail dress

    What Hayden says about the dress:

    “This is a classic little cocktail dress. What I love about it are the colors. They’re very in. It used to be you could only ever find cocktail dresses that were black. And it’s also very versatile. It can go from day to night. Wear your hair down–make it look very casual. And it’s super light; and it breathes which is great for when you’re going to an event and you’re eating and then you’re sitting down. Comfort is always a thing and a lot of cocktail dresses are very uncomfortable.”

    The next thing I clicked on was a yellow M Missoni dress. The M Missoni Flouncy Knit Dress comes with a $995.00. Lucky for Hayden she can easily afford a $995 dress.

    Hayden Panettiere wearing M Missoni yellow Flouncy Knit Dress

    What Hayden says about the dress

    “In the commercial I actually wear this dress shopping. And I came in with one pair of shoes — these beautiful wedges; and then end up shopping for cowboy boots. So it really is versatile in that way. You can wear it with a lot of things. One of my favorite details about this dress is the back. The back is very beautiful. It’s very feminine. It’s very elongating. I would wear this anywhere from shopping to a lunch meeting to dinner. Right now I’m working in Nashville on the show ‘Nashville’. I’m a big fan of a place here called Patterson House. And it’s really beautiful. It’s dimly lit. It’s a great little spot. And you really want to be comfortable in those little booths. So this is the perfect dress for that.”

    The next item was a STELLA MCCARTNEY lace fringed dress. According to Hayden this is her favorite dress. Not sure if she means her favorite of all time or just her favorite of the featured dresses in the virtual tour. I’ll assume she means her favorite of the featured dresses.

    The dress was available via for $2480 but it appears to be out of stock as of this posting. does seem to have the dress available right now at a discount off their original $3,720 price tag.

    Hayden Panettiere wearing Stella McCartney Off White Fringed Floral Lace Dress
    Hayden Panettiere wearing Stella McCartney Off White Fringed Floral Lace Dress

    The dress without a belt (image via,

    Stella McCartney Off White Fringed Floral Lace Dress

    What Hayden says about the dress

    “If you can’t tell this is my favorite. I love love love love love this dress. I had no idea that lace was made with cotton. No idea. And I love this dress because it’s got this fringe underneath it as well which gives it a great hem and elongates me. My number one rule is constantly to look taller. In the commercial I wore this and I belted it which is wonderful. You can wear it without a belt. You can wear it with heels boots. I would definitely wear something like this to an awards show. This is definitely a showstopper. It’s very very fashionable.”

    Personally I like Hayden in the yellow Missoni dress best of all. The red Valentino dress comes in second. I couldn’t find any picture of her wearing the Dolce & Gabbana dress but it would probably look very nice on her. I didn’t so much like her look in the Stella McCartney dress. I think it would have looked better on her if she hadn’t belted it.

    For myself if I could buy any of these dresses I would buy the yellow Missoni and the red Valentino. I wouldn’t buy the Dolce & Gabbana because it’s strapless and I don’t have the chest for strapless dresses. There’s too much sheerness to the Stella McCartney dress for me so I wouldn’t buy that either.




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