A few weeks back I purchased this skirt from Amazon in a yellow. I liked it so much that I bought another in purple a few days later, and a few days after that I bought it in blue. It’s a polyester/rayon/spandex blend (65% Poly, 30% Rayon, 5% Spandex) skirt that fits above the knees with a bit of flaring for a flirty look. The seller describes it as a convertible skater skirt (convertible because it can be worn as a tube top).

Here are some pics I’ve taken in my blue skater skirt.

The first look pairs the skirt with that blue red and white multicolored t-shirt from the post “In my shopping bag today #MACYS sale“.

It’s a cute little tee that comes with a very affordable price tag. I liked the print and thought it would go well with the skirt so I bought it.
the blue skater skirt outfit karen scott blue red white multi color t-shirt
The next look pairs it with the other top from the Macy’s sale shopping bag post. I haven’t actually gone anywhere wearing either of these outfits. I just put them together for this post to illustrate outfit ideas for the skirt.

And this look pairs the skirt with a red tank top (the one featured here) worn under a blue blouse that’s tied at the waist.

Finally, this last look pairs the skirt with a top I made for myself from fabric I designed for fun. I got the fabric done via spoonflower.com for anyone who might be interested in designing their own fabric. It’s a little expensive for just 1 yard of cloth though.

All looks accessorized with the red envelope clutch I purchased from Macy’s last week. The red watch is a Nine West watch purchased from Amazon (here)

Like this skirt? You can buy in a wide range of colors from Tom’s Ware via Amazon.com


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