The most recent addition to my closet are a pair of nude Jessica Simpson pumps. They have the honor of being my first fashion purchase in 2015. I found them on sale at for $39.99. The regular price is $89.99. Jessica Simpson Carri Nude Patent peep toe pumps 1Jessica Simpson Carri Nude Patent peep toe pumps 1-2

I’ve been wanting to try some platform heels for a while just to see if I can actually walk in them. Everything I read suggests platform heels are fairly easy to walk in because of the platform giving some extra support. These nude Jessica Simpson pumps have a 5.5 inch heel and a 1.5 inch platform. To be honest I don’t find them any easier to walk in than any other pair of high heels. So I guess I’m just hopeless when it comes to high heel shoes. But I’ll keep trying. In the meantime I decided to have a little fun with the pumps today taking some pictures of them on my feet. Unfortunately most of the pictures came out unusable due to bad lighting. But here are a couple of me trying out the pumps with a pair of old lint covered knee high socks.

Carri patent peep toe nude Jessica Simpson pumps with knee high socks

Carri patent peep toe nude Jessica Simpson pumps with knee high socks 2

I probably would not actually ever step out wearing socks with pumps. And I definitely would not venture out in 5.5 inch heels. I struggle in 3 inch heels so it would be silly of me to attempt to wear these shoes in public. If you’re going to wear high heels you need to be able to walk in them like a champ and I can’t. So these will just get added to my collection of shoes that I never wear.

Carri patent peep toe nude Jessica Simpson pumps on black top table

Verdict on the Carri patent peep toe nude Jessica Simpson pumps

I do actually like the shoes. I love the color. They fit perfectly. Mine are 8.5. I’m sure if you’re a little better at walking in heels than I am you’ll have no trouble with the heel height. I can’t speak to the comfort of the shoes because I’ve only worn them in my bedroom and living room. I have to say, when I put the socks on the shoes did become a little bit more painful to wear than when I didn’t have on socks. They hurt the bottom of my feet towards the front quite a bit and were much harder to try to walk in. But I suspect I just didn’t have the correct form. I probably wasn’t standing the right way in the heels.

Additional Observations

My pair did not have the animal print design on the insole. I guess there’s a difference between the Carri and the JS-Carri nude Jessica Simpson pumps.

Alternate purchase link:
Jessica Simpson Women’s JS-Carri Platform Pump

Carri nude Jessica Simpson pumps
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