Burgundy nude beige red


Yesterday I received a box from DSW containing some shoes I purchased earlier in the week. I figured in the meantime while I work on getting to the point where I can afford to purchase high end designer shoes (if I so desire), I might as well go ahead and add a few new pairs of low end shoes to my closet so I can have options for my Style Practice posts. Beige Qupid Ravish-83 Bootie 1

Among the shoes that arrived in my DSW box are these nude Beige Qupid Ravish-83 ankle booties. They were $30. I wanted to get the red but they didn’t have the red in my size so I got the taupe instead. I’m calling them nude instead of taupe. I don’t know what accounts for the differences between taupe and nude.

The boots are nice enough. They’re high and I still can’t walk in high heels. I’m trying; but I’ve been trying since I was a teenager and I still can’t manage. So I think I’m just hopeless when it comes to high heels. Either that or I just haven’t found the right heels yet.

Beige Qupid Ravish-83 Bootie 2

Had a little fun playing photographer.

Beige Qupid Ravish-83 Bootie

Not as much fun trying to play shoe model. It’s a chore trying to pose and taking a picture of yourself posing.

As for the style practice…

I’m still trying to build up my wardrobe so I can get more creative with my styling endeavors. For now I am sticking with thrifted clothing purchases. Since this is just for experimental purposes there’s no need to go out spending money on something new for every idea I want to try out. I wanted to go to the Goodwill this week but it’s been cold and snowy.

Burgundy nude beige red

I envisioned a burgundy nude beige red scheme while trying to think up some ideas for styling these boots.  I was thinking more along the lines of a red mini skirt with a burgundy top and a beige leather jacket. But I do not have a red mini skirt in my closet. I also do not have a beige leather jacket or a burgundy top that would have been suitable. So I settled for a pair of burgundy cropped skinny jeans and a burgundy cotton button down sleeveless shirt. I picked up both of them from the  goodwill on one of my visits.  With that I wore my several years old beige three-quarter sleeve cotton jacket from Old Navy.

Burgundy nude beige ankle boots skinny cropped jeans Qupid Ravish-83 Bootie

burgundy nude beige red outfit walking

I did not actually take a trip to Burano Italy to pose for this amateur photo shoot. I did the posing in my living room and used Photoshop to pop myself into the gorgeous background of Burana Italy courtesy of a photo found via pixabay.com.

Want these boots?

Try the locations below…

Amazon.comQupid Women’s Ravish83 Leatherette Platform Stiletto Ankle Bootie

Qupid Ravish-83 Bootie
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