A new lover and a $40 000 shopping spree


It has been an interesting week. Edgar and I had a long talk. By long I mean about twenty or so minutes. Probably pretty short for most people but long for us these days. He has basically given me permission to see other men. Go figure. After all that stuff when he found out I was sleeping with Rafael he’s suddenly okay with the idea of me taking a lover outside of our marriage. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not upset about it or anything. I mean Edgar and I haven’t slept in the same bed in a while so I was kind of wondering how exactly he was expecting me to get my needs met. I finally worked up the courage to confront him on Wednesday and that’s when we had our talk.

I have to say though I’m very surprised by his change in attitude. I mean he’s gone from threatening my life if I so much as look at another man again to telling me I should resume my affair with Rafael. Of course Rafael is no longer available for me to resume my affair with but he’s okay with me finding another lover.

I want to think it was just my effectiveness at making the point that he seems to be getting his needs met some place else because he doesn’t ever try to get intimate with me anymore; and if it’s the case that he’s sleeping with somebody else it’s only fair that I should be able to do the same. I am in the prime of my youth after all and I shouldn’t have to be going without just because my husband doesn’t want to sleep with me.

Of course he says I’m wrong that he does desire me; and he insists he is not sleeping with any one else; yet still he has agreed that I can take a lover? As I write about it now I am finding it even more odd. What is going on with my husband? Why the complete about face?

Anyway he’s given me his permission so why shouldn’t I make the most of it. In the meantime tomorrow is Jillian’s breast cancer fund raiser. I’m looking forward to that. I don’t expect I’ll meet any prospective lovers there. I don’t necessarily find high society men interesting. There’s something about them that’s too well manicured for my taste. I like a more rugged rough-edged kind of guy who has only ever been near a ten bedroom ten bath mansion when he was part of the construction crew building it.

So that’s where things stand with me. I haven’t done any major shopping since I went shopping with Jillian last week. Sometimes I do get to thinking that I shop too much and I buy too many expensive things. I mean Edgar does have the money and he doesn’t really complain per se; and by that I mean he does comment from time to time that he hopes at least I am getting therapeutic benefit from all the money I spend on my shopping sprees because he hates to imagine his money is not being put to better use than just to ensure that I have one of each of everything that every high end designer makes; but he doesn’t close accounts on me or otherwise try to prevent me from shopping.

I guess I sometimes appear materialistic; but I don’t really think that I am. For me it’s more a case of wanting to make sure I get the most buck for my bang so to speak. Yeah I know it’s bang for buck but in my case it’s buck for bang if you know what I mean. He might not be sleeping with me right now but there was a time when I couldn’t get a break. He was always wanting it and he would last and last thanks to viagra. Oh my God! The nightmare. But my point is why should I walk away from this marriage with only the five million dollars I was forced to agree to take when I signed the pre-nup? If I spend millions of Edgar’s dollars on designer clothes jewelry shoes and such while married to him it’s the least I deserve for being twenty-three and beautiful and able to have picked anyone to marry but picking him. Not saying there’s anything wrong with him but when you’re sixty-four you must figure it’s going to cost you quite a bit of money to acquire and keep a young beautiful wife.

Anyway again while I didn’t do any shopping these last few days I did put together a collection of things I plan to buy over the next few weeks. Everything is at least a thousand dollars.

What’s in the collection?

The gold sandals are the Rene Caovilla T-Strap Beaded Sandal. They are $1,380. The peacoat is the Moschino Cheap and Chic Flared boucle-wool peacoat. It’s $1,395. The green mini skirt is the Antonio Berardi Pailette-embellished crepe mini skirt. It’s $2,135. The brown coat is the MaxMara Rialto Camelhair Coat. It’s $1,605. The dress is the Nina Ricci Bow embellished textured silk blend dress. It’s $2485. The bag is the Celine Mini Luggage Tote. It’s $2,400. The fringed hem dress is the Matthew Williamson Pale Gold Lace Mesh Dress. It’s $6″ 110. The necklace is an amethyst and ruby necklace with a price tag of $1,430. The green top is the Antonio Berardi Paillette-embellished crepe peplum top. It’s $3,890. The bracelet is the Megan Thorne Ribbed Scallop Band In Yellow Gold. It’s $1,365. The earrings are the Yossi Harari Large Melissa Pear Drop Earrings. They are $4,350. The gold clutch is an Emilio Pucci Metallic Leather Clutch. It’s $1″ 045.  The green cashmere coat is the Gianluca Capannolo single breasted coat. It’s $2 150. The stole is the Marni Belted rabbit and wool stole. It’s $2 940. The booties are a pair of Sergio Rossi Black Leather Booties With Fur Trim. They are $1,030. The leather shorts are the Givenchy Fitted Flared Leather Shorts. They are $3″ 325.

So that’s $39,035 assuming I’ve plugged the numbers in right. I know that’s more than a lot of people make in income in a whole year; but you shouldn’t compare the spending habits of the rich with the spending habits of the poor or middle class. I’m not really spending a lot of money relative to my husband’s wealth.


Here’s an outfit idea with some of the items from my collection plus some other items that aren’t in the collection.

When your husband gives you permission to cheat

Alberta Ferretti / Givenchy / Sergio Rossi black heels / Sergio Rufo Audrey
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