Went hunting at my local Goodwill recently. I picked up a couple of sweaters, a pair of blue jeans, a pair of stretch burgundy skinny jeans, a skirt, a red coat and a handful of belts. $44 worth of used clothing. I used the excuse of needing to get some things to do a blog post; but I won’t pretend I’m above wearing the things I bought.

Red coat yellow sweater black skirt

The items are all in more than reasonably good condition. The red coat and the sweaters and the jeans will all fit me just fine. They do have that clothes from goodwill smell so I’ll have to figure out how to launder them first. As for the belts, they will certainly come in handy. Probably the only thing I definitely won’t wear is the skirt simply because it cannot fit me. You need a 20 inch waist to zip it up without effort.

black polka dot skirt tulle lining

The skirt with a white cotton shirt

black flared dotted skirt tulle underlining

The shirt was another Goodwill purchase made back in late July. It sits in my closet waiting for an opportunity to be worn. It very possibly will never get worn but who knows? The mannequin does not have a 20-inch waist so I could not get the skirt zipped all the way up on her; but the skirt is belted so the belt covered up where the zipper is opened.

red coat white cotton shirt black flared dotted tulle underlined skirt

The sweaters are large so they fit nice and comfortably. They will come in handy as the weather begins to get colder. I could see wearing the white sweater with the burgundy skinny jeans and the red coat with a pair of black or brown knee high boots.

red coat white sweater burgundy skinny jeans black white polka dot scarf

Or wearing the yellow sweater with the blue jeans, the red coat and block heeled ankle boots, combat boots or possibly stiletto ankle boots. Or even a pair of canvas sneakers.

red coat yellow sweater blue jeans

Whether or not I will actually wear any of these items remains to be seen. They are in perfectly decent condition so it wouldn’t be a case of not wearing them because they are of poor quality or ugly style. The jeans look a lot better on me than on the mannequin. She’s a bit skinny in the hips, legs and buttocks so she makes the jeans look a bit unattractive. They are from Lands End and not a bad pair of jeans at all.


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