The Right Daily Routine For Having A Glowing Smile

A smile is an expression of the positive emotion, and it is a unique mean of communication that transcends all cultural and language barriers....
leather bag

5 leather must-haves for summer 2018

Although it can be a bit difficult to narrow down the list of trendy must-haves for the summer of 2018, we decided to give...
monica lady in a blue dress

The lady in blue

too old to wear pink? girl posing in pink outfit

No, you’re not too old to wear PINK

I was thinking about doing an article exploring the question of whether or not a particular age is too old to wear pink (the...
what color shoes to wear with a yellow dress

What color shoes to wear with a yellow dress?

We're talking yellow dresses and what color shoes to wear with a yellow dress... You know there are about a million reasons that people say...
Kate Hudson La Mer her love for it is vast and rich

Over the top? Kate Hudson La Mer video

Just viewed this Kate Hudson La Mer video and I have the say, the dialogue is just ridiculous and over the top. [youtube] Maybe La...
choose natural skin care

Why You Should Pick Natural When it Comes to Skincare

Although the answer to the question proposed by the title of this article should be quite clear, to most it is still doubtful that...

  • Summer camp gift ideas

Michael Kors yellow plaid coat with faux fur collar

Yay or Nay to this Michael Kors yellow plaid coat?

I haven't written a yay or nay post in a while. So let me try to make up for it by doing a yay...



black women skin bleaching just a cosmetic choice or act of self hate

On black women skin bleaching

Black women skin bleaching appears to be a common practice in certain parts of the world. I grew up in one of the parts of...

Best color nail polish for a red dress silver accessories

I recently bought myself a red dress which I styled with silver accessories. I took some photos in the dress and got some feedback...


These 5 Oxford shoes for women

How are Oxford shoes for women different from Oxford shoes for men? The styles are similar of course because Oxford shoes for women borrow their...
monica red turtleneck sweater february 4 2018

The red turtleneck sweater

Who's wearing a red turtleneck sweater today? I'm not wearing a red turtleneck sweater today, but I was wearing one a few day ago and...
adelamonica january 14 2018 2

Selfie therapy Monday January 15 2018

Selfie therapy monday:  Good morning. Happy Monday! How are you today? I hope that you had a peaceful weekend. Last week was a week of...

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$900 for a bag charm? C’mon!! Fendi or no Fendi…

Fendi bag bugs Bag Bugs Key Charm with Fur
This Fendi bag charm comes with a $972 price tag! Bag charms are cute, if you're into that. I'm not into bag charms, but I...

Should you get your clothes custom made?

should you get your clothes custom made
People seem to prefer to spend money to buy clothes they don't like, over the idea of getting their clothes custom made. Why do people...

Are rollneck sweaters really essential though?

Balenciaga red Deconstructed Virgin Wool Turtleneck Pullover rollneck sweater
Rollneck sweaters--the what and whether in fact they are an essential wardrobe piece. It is winter (well, actually not exactly yet. It's still Fall). But...


Christian Louboutin wish list

You won’t #win that 1.3 billlion #powerball #lottery jackpot

The powerball lottery jackpot is 1.3 billion It's fun to imagine all the #Chanel bags and #Louboutin heels you will be able to purchase when...
the kylie jenner website screenshot

#kyliejenner – No free access to the Kylie Jenner website

It looks like the Kylie Jenner website ( #theklyiejenner) has been launched. But in order to enter the #kyliejenner world you are going to have...

#NYFW – The SS16 New York Fashion Week headlines

#CandiceSwanepoel fell and scraped her knee during the #Givenchy show But don't blame Candice. She's a pro. Blame the shoes. Let's keep it real. Some of...